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About Us

Rebel Solutions

We offer businesses a tried and tested avenue for their needs. If your business requires it then we can produce it and at a standard which could take months if not years for you to find the right people capable to produce it. We have individuals at your disposal who have years of experience in marketing, regulatory compliance, software development, sales & marketing, the list goes on. If you have a need in your business to fulfil and you want quick and effective results so that you can purely focus on growth, then Rebel is your solution.

What we offer:

Telephone answering

We understand that customers identify your brand by the interaction they have with you so it is of utmost importance to us to leave a lasting impression with your customers and ensure they have a positive experience when talking to us. We will take requests from your customers/suppliers and provide immediate notification for your business so you can handle accordingly and efficiently

Call centres

Our call centres can be built to adapt to your needs in customer service, sales and logistical support. We have teams ready to handle both inbound and outbound calls who are prepared to conduct whatever type of work required and achieving your defined KPI's

Promotional Staff

Need a hand promoting your business offline? Face to face marketing can revolutionise your business and allow it you to reach out to your customer base in a much more personal way Our professional promotional staff can help with events, exhibitions, leaflet drops and more

Live Chat

Make sure customer and client queries are answered quickly and correctly on your website with our live chat management tools and dedicated 24/7 team. Your customers won’t have to grow frustrated listening to hold music. Instead they can have their questions answered immediately and their issues resolved seamlessly with the option to use for customer engagement

Business Strategy

We understand your customers are your business and without their satisfaction you can’t have the success you deserve. Our expertise doesn’t just lie in our staffs ability to handle your customers professionally and build rapport with them but also in our ability to help you target the customers who require your attention. Managing your customers efficiently and effectively is key to ensuring the success of your business

Print Management

From mail room activity to printing of your marketing material we can provide high quality product/service. We can allow you to rest assured that the movement of both confidential and essential material is being handled correctly. We can share our vast experience of best practices to create cost-saving efficiencies in a largely undervalued area of your business


You can use our network of collection/delivery teams to ensure your products and/or materials get from A to B in a timely manner. This means your customers aren't left waiting wondering who else in your field offers a better service and instead thinking what to buy off you next

E-commerce lead conversion

We have a highly-effective specialised team who will focus on those customers who appear undecided on purchasing. We have increased the conversion for all our clients campaigns for products which can easily be ignored. Don't just rely on half-hearted prompts to encourage your customers in the hope they convert, allow our team to get you actual results

Data entry & management

Finding the staff to keep that attention to detail and focus maintained can be difficult... probably because we have most of them. Our team can deliver you the essential information without you having to sift through yourself. Our highly skilled and educated staff can give you the confidence that the day to day data you rely on steering your business is accurate as you need it to be

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