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Our current vacancies:

Sales Advisor

We are currently working with a well established client in the financial sector who is looking to create a dedicated sales team for both re-selling and up-selling to existing clients. This role provides opportunity for you to work with a client who has extensive knowledge within their industry and a proven sales accrual process.

Our sales advisers must have 3 key attributes: Confidence, a desire to be successful and target-driven. You will undergo a specifically designed training program which has provided its attendees the ability to apply their raw sales talent with industry secrets to earn themselves a very respectful salary.

This also provides opportunity for the star sales people to establish a more pivotal role within the Rebel family and progress on a career within the sales & marketing sector.

What you will get:
- Uncapped commission which could result in OTE targets of £20,000+
- Quick Progression and opportunity to work on more premium campaigns within the business with higher potential yield in salary
- Regular all expenses paid social events as well as regular prizes such as weekends away and exclusive tickets to sporting/music events

What we require:
- We don't need you to have sales experience but we will look to identify whether you have the confidence in your own ability to be a successful sales agent
- You must have tenacity and be willing to go the extra mile to achieve success
- Willing to learn and a great ability to turn knowledge into effective action
- Be driven and resilient in the face of adversity whilst being able to bounce back from rejection

Customer Service Advisor

We are currently working with a client in the financial sector who is looking to operate a subject matter expert customer service team to handle case files with values in excess of thousands of pounds. Within this role you will get to work in a multi-billion pound industry handling complex cases which could result in high yield for our clients' customers.

We require our customer service advisors to put the customer first no matter what the circumstance whilst protecting our clients interests. Great customer service is key to any businesses success and we need people who can ensure that our client can be rest assured that their customers are left happy with both the service and how their staff represent the company.

This role also provides opportunity for some of our best customer service agents to work on premium campaigns within our organisation which may result in increased wages

What you will get:
- High quality customer service training and programming for continued learning and support on the role which we will asses for progression within the company
- Regular all expenses paid social events as well as regular prizes such as weekends away and exclusive tickets to sporting/music events
- OTE earnings of £20,000+ as all our phone-based roles are measured against key competencies with the opportunity to earn commission

What we require:
- Individuals who are know for their empathy and ability to adapt when put on the spot
- Ability to build rapport with our clients customers to create a customer journey they remember
- Capability to learn and retain information as well as understand when and where to put that education into action

Call Centre Team Leaders

Our client is looking for proven leaders for both sales and customer service teams who are willing to work extremely hard to ensure their goals are met. We expect our team leaders to not just meet their goals but to exceed them. You will be working for a client renowned in the financial sector as one of the biggest contributors in their industry.

Our team leaders must be able to show that they are able to effectively manage and motivate their staff, that they can be relied upon at the most demanding times and are willing to put whatever in to their work to ensure they get the required result. We also want individuals who don't just follow instructions but also are able to provide creative and effective ideas to help us achieve our mutual goals.

What you will get:
- Tracked progression throughout your career at Rebel allowing you to create a portfolio for your achievements and milestones
- Opportunity to work with some of leading companies in the legal, financial, software and marketing sectors
- OTE of £30,000+

What we require:
- At least 6 months experience of leading a team on minimum 6 people in either a telesales or customer service environment
- Ability to perform at a high level and achieve great results in a cold-calling environment
- An aptitude for understanding individuals from different backgrounds and capable of changing mindsets by aligning individuals goals with your own